Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle as Tae Hoon

Annyeong Yeoreobun^^

Kali ini, aku mau kasih fotonya Tae Hoon. Siapa itu Tae Hoon? Tae Hoon itu anaknya Lee EunJi dan Park Min Woo atau Lee Donghae di semua FF-ku 😀 hahaha 😀 dia senasib sama putri kecilku MinJi, Ibunya satu, Ayahnya dua 😀 Mianhae EunJi~ya. Oke, nama asli Tae Hoon adalah Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle. Dia blasteran Amerika-Korea. Lucu deh! ini dia pictnya~





About 최민아

Love Cho Kyuhyun so much. He had stolen my heart for 3 years and I think he won't return it back to me. 75% my heart containing that evil with angelic voice, Cho Kyuhyun. 25% for others. A crazy girl who spent her life just for a guy (Kyuhyun) who never look into her :'( Love coffee, chocolate, Ice cream, chili, Lily, rain, fireworks, city light and rendang :D Hate vegetables so much! Writing short story or fan fiction. Have neverend couple, Shin Hae Joon. Keep singing better and better again with a hope someday I can sing with Kyuhyun. Fangirl. My name is Choi MinA.

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