Kyuhyun SS4 Bangkok

Whoaaaa!!! Nae yeobo tampan sekali di SS4 Bangkok. Oppa, kapan ke Jakarta? pokoknya kalau Oppa ke Jakarta harus ajak Kibum oppa!!

MinA mau kasih pict Kyu-ppa di SS4 bangkok. Check it out!



ah, neomu neomu kyeopchi oppa :3Image

Oppa lihat apa?




KyuWon moment~ LOL Siwon oppa! jangan suka godain Kyu-ppa dong!


KyuWon moment (again) look at Siwon’s hair hahaha weird


ini yang bikin mimisan!! aduh, Kyu kenapa harus jadi makhluk terlalu mempesona sih? Bisa asma setiap hari kalau lihat yang sejenis ini terus~


About 최민아

Love Cho Kyuhyun so much. He had stolen my heart for 3 years and I think he won't return it back to me. 75% my heart containing that evil with angelic voice, Cho Kyuhyun. 25% for others. A crazy girl who spent her life just for a guy (Kyuhyun) who never look into her :'( Love coffee, chocolate, Ice cream, chili, Lily, rain, fireworks, city light and rendang :D Hate vegetables so much! Writing short story or fan fiction. Have neverend couple, Shin Hae Joon. Keep singing better and better again with a hope someday I can sing with Kyuhyun. Fangirl. My name is Choi MinA.

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